About costume provision

Dark Illuminate provides costume cooperation and costume rental for production personnel and stylists such as TV, magazines, commercials, movies, and events.
We would appreciate it if you could check the following and feel free to contact us.
[Flow of provision]

Customer) Copy and enter the following inquiry items and email

Our company) Order products overseas (order)
↓ 7th to 14th
Our company) Arrival of the product at the Japanese warehouse and delivery by delivery to the designated destination
↓ 1 to 2 days
Delivery of the product

Customer) Use the product
↓ ~ Within a week
Customer) Return to us with advance payment

Customer ) Condition execution

Transaction completion

[In provision]
We request the following three conditions.
1. Please credit on the wearing medium
2. Please provide the wearing photo or introduce the wearing tagging on SNS .
3. images of "2" can be posted on our website and Instagram
* We will respond flexibly to the conditions and contents, so please feel free to contact us.
■ Cases where costumes cannot be provided
If the product inventory is low due to busy season or duplicate costume rental, we will prepare the desired costumes. Due to the difficulty, we may refrain from providing costumes.

■ Period until costumes are provided
It will take about 7 to 14 days from the time you contact us to deliver the product, so please contact us with plenty of time. increase.

■ Costume rental period
Costume rental period is within 1 week after use, please return . We are doing it.
* Negotiable depending on the cast and medium. If you wish to purchase, we will give you a discount, so please let us know.
Please fill in the following details and contact us.
1. Company name (furigana):
2. Person in charge (furigana):
3. Industry (stylist, manager, model, etc.):
4. Usage details (wearer, publication, date of use, broadcast date, etc.):
5. Desired costume (URL, size, color, number of sheets):
6. Whether or not the conditions are permitted (whether or not the conditions 1 to 3 are possible):
▼ Contact email address
1. Please indicate the medium to be worn, the items to be worn, the broadcast date, etc. in advance.
2. If you find any stains or scratches that were not present at the time of rental, or if there is any obvious damage or loss of the item, you will be asked to purchase the item.
3. We do not lend to individuals for private use.
4. We will describe the costume cooperation contents in sentences on our website and SNS.
This shop only sells black and white colors, unisex and unique designs.
We will do our best to meet your needs, so please feel free to contact us.